Original art enameled decorative switch plates

autumn colored decorative switch plate cover

Autumn colors

Dimensional Colors features copper enamel decorative light switch plate covers and tile, all handmade and original art. Enameling is the process of fusing ground glass (enamels) to metal, in this case solid copper. Each piece is fired a number of times, adding more enamel between each firings until the desired color is achieved. The art switch plate covers have a hand painted look, but in fact is achieved using only dry powder enamels; this allows for more complex colors and interesting details. There are two main approaches used by the artist; one method uses layers of only transparent enamels, the other uses an opaque enamel for the first layer with transparent colors layered over the opaques. The transparent method creates a look as if the switch plate cover is painted with crystals (shown in the switch plate image to the left and the tile below). The opaque method creates a look similar to ceramics, as shown on the About page. In addition to the visual beauty, one can feel the ripples created by the design causing a pleasant sensation as your fingers glide along the switch plate. Don't just use your switch plates, experience them! The Styles Styles page features more amorphous and less complex switch plate designs. The single switch plate covers shown on the Styles page represents colors and designs that can be ordered from, so that any size switch plate cover, decorative outlet cover, or decora switch plate, including combination switch plates, can be ordered. Enhance your surroundings with these distinctive, heirloom quality, decorative switch plate covers and outlet covers. Attention to detail forces the artist enamel the screws to blend in with the switch plate covers. The copper switch plates used are machine stamped, UV rated, solid copper. Wall plate cover sizes go up to the triple gang size, outlets, GFI's, combination light plate cover (only available for oversize plates) and decora switch plate cover (rocker switch plate style) are available. Thanks for visiting.

original art decorative tile

6"x6" enamel tile

The best way to see my full selection of decorative switch plate covers, enamel tile and art pendants is to visit me near Sequim, Washington, at the Port Townsend Farmers Market; open April through mid December, every Sat (except May 21 for the Rhody Parade) from 9 am until 2 pm (10 - 1 Nov & Dec). Check the Events section below to find out when I will attend the Ballard Sunday Market in Seattle.