Original enamel art decorative switch plates, decorative tile

autumn colored decorative switch plate cover

Autumn colors

Dimensional Colors features original enamel art and many styles. Available products are: decorative light switch plate covers, decorative outlet covers, decorative tile and enamel pendants. The enameling is hand applied and fired by the artist. There are a wide range of styles shown, ranging from complex images, to less elaborate designs. The art has a hand painted look, but is achieved with powder enamels, not vitreous, or liquid form. After developing techniques for controlling the enamels; I achieve rich, lustrous colors. There are two main looks that I have for the art switch plates; one method uses all transparent color enamels; the other uses an opaque color enamel to start, both methods involve layering colors with kiln firing in between. By careful observation as to the effects of: firing time, temperature and color combinations, I have developed unique looks. When using all transparent enamels (shown right and below), the resulting colors sparkle with a crystal like look. When starting with an opaque base the result is a ceramic look. After the first opaque layer is fired, I layer multiple colors on top of each other in order to get brighter colors than with the transparents (shown on the About page). In addition to the visual, one can feel the ripples created by the design. I carry a wide selection of less complex styles (and less expensive) shown on the Styles page. The Styles page is meant to represent any switch plate cover size you may need, and can also be used to order tile.Enhance your surroundings with these distinctive, heirloom quality, decorative switch plates and tile; don't just use your switch plates, experience them. The light switch plate screws are enameled to blend in. I also offer custom switch plates and tile, as the colors are layered, most colors can be matched, or a suitable tone of the color can be created. These decorative switch plate covers and enamel tile are great as unique house warming gifts. The switch plates used as the base are UV rated, machine stamped solid copper. Switch plate cover sizes go up to the quad gang size, outlets, GFI's, combination light switch plates (only available for oversize plates) and decora switch plate cover (rocker switch plate style). Thanks for visiting

original art decorative tile

6"x6" enamel tile

There are many different looks for the decorative handmade switch plate cover and decorative tile shown at Dimensional Colors. The art switch plates are represented on seperate pages by size: single, double and triple switch plate size, as each of these are one-of-a-kind handmade switch plates.
Also available are a variety of amorphous type designs shown on the Styles page; these are less elaborate than the enamel art switch plates and have flowing designs with a more classic look. The Styles page shows only single switch plates, from which any light switch plate size and configuration, or tile can be ordered. There are many light switch plate colors and styles that are not shown on this web site; including a full line of single tone colors for a simpler but rich and refined look. If your wall plate cover needs are not shown, email a description, and we'll see what I can come up with for you. Email for custom switch plate covers and custom color inquiries.
The best way to see my full selection of decorative switch plate covers, enamel tile and art pendants is to visit me near Sequim, Washington, at the Port Townsend Farmers Market; open April through mid December, every Sat (except May 21 for the Rhody Parade) from nine am until two pm (10 - 1 Nov & Dec). I am also starting the Ballard Sunday Farmers Market in Seattle, a year round venue, Thanks for making it this far, it does ramble a bit.