About Dimensional Colors original enamel art

copper enamel switch plate

Colors and faces

Dimensional Colors was created by Barbara Gersenson, myself, in 2000. Being self taught has allowed me to develop my own techniques, and to have tried things I may not have done otherwise. I started enameling as a hobby in the late 1980's; I was fortunate to come across a small jewelers kiln, and able to enamel whenever I wanted. In 200 I decided it would be great to apply my art to something practicle, as I finally noticed the copper plates availablr in the catalog. Wit the decision to do switch plates, I realized I had to develop my techniques further so that I could repeat colors and styles so that I could do matching sets. As the years passed, I found I could come up with colors to go along with tile, or color samples. I was also able to develop my ability to control the enamels so that I could create complex images that looked hand painted, but in fact I use only powdered enamels. Each piece is spontaneous and unique. Multiple firings allow me to layer colors and to create complex lustrous colors. I set up atthe Port Townsend Farmers Market every Saturday, from the beginning og April, until mid December. Feel free to call for an appointment otherwise.

All switch plates, tile, and pendants are counter enameled for strength and to avoid warping as cooled. Screws are enameled, unless metal works better. The light switch plates are machine stamped and UV rated.

These handmade switch plates are available from single up to triple gang plates, outlet covers, GFI's, combination plates and Decora Style. Oversize switch plates available also. Custom switch plate requests welcome.